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Jan 31 2018

Best of Denver – 2017

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National Center for Atmospheric Research

  • Best Way to Out-Native the Natives

    History Colorado Tours Treks

  • Best Sculpture Garden
  • Best Look at a Historic Institution

    Denver’s Lakeside Amusement Park: From the White City Beautiful to a Century of Fun. by David Forsyth

  • Best Collectible Art Magazine
  • Best New Storytelling Event

    WAVE: Light + Water + Sound, Breckenridge

    2017 National Poetry Slam

    Denver Independent Comic Art Expo (DINK)

  • Best Comic-Artist Collective
  • Best Think Tank for Arts and Culture
  • Best Youth Arts Program
  • Best Arts Funding Program

    Athena Project Arts Festival

    Cherry Creek Trail

  • Best New Urban-Art Project

    “Balloon Man Running,” Sean O’Meallie

    Art District on Santa Fe

  • Best Art Gallery Openings
  • Best Place to Party While Taking in Art Shows
  • Best Gallery for Established Artists
  • Best Gallery for New Artists
  • Best Museum for Out-of-Towners

    Clyfford Still Museum

  • Best Place to Buy Affordable Art

    Spark and CORE Galleries

  • Best Gallery for Historic Art of the Region

    David Cook Galleries

  • Best Gallery for Contemporary Art of the Region

    William Havu Gallery

  • Best Place to See Art From Around the World

    Center for Visual Art/MSU Denver

  • Best Place to See Cutting-Edge Art

    David B. Smith Gallery

  • Best Place to Catch a Blockbuster

    Denver Art Museum

  • Best Incubator for Emerging Artists
  • Best Place to See Photographs (and Learn How to Take Them)

    Colorado Photographic Arts Center

  • Best Art Gallery Where Kids Are Treated Like People

    Michael Warren Contemporary

  • Best New Alternative Gallery
  • Best Community-Based Virtual Gallery
  • Best Innovative Dance Company
  • Best Opera for People Who’ve Never Seen an Opera

    Boulder Opera Company

  • Best Reason for Musical Fans to Plan Ahead
  • Best Children’s Theater Programming
  • Best Theater for Adults

    Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company

  • Best Reason to Buy Season Tickets

    Edge Theater Company

  • Best Theater for Ingenious, Homegrown Work

    Buntport Theater Company

  • Best Theater for New Work

    Denver Center for the Performing Arts

  • Best Theater for Promoting Diversity

    Curious Theatre Company

  • Best Theater Under the Stars

    Colorado Shakespeare Festival

  • Best Repertory Company

    Black Box Repertory Company at the Arvada Center

  • Best Surprising Theater
  • Best Theater Openings
  • Best Theater Food and Drink
  • Best Movie Theater Food/Drink
  • Best Movie Theater Comfort
  • Best Movie Theater Programming
  • Best Experimental-Film Series for Purists

    First Person Cinema

  • Best Place to Watch 35mm Film
  • Best Place to Learn to Hand-Process Film
  • Best Experimental-Media Series
  • Best New Queen on the Scene
  • Best Drag Queen Career

    Best of Denver 2017


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