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Aug 31 2018

BP oil spill, Environment, The Guardian, oil rig jobs.#Oil #rig #jobs

BP oil spill

Oil rig jobs

Leaked BP report reveals serious near-miss accidents

Published: 13 Dec 2016

North Sea or Great Australian Bight, oil drilling is always a risky business

Published: 7 Oct 2016

The ‘well from hell’ – my fight with BP to film Deepwater Horizon

Published: 4 Oct 2016

Deepwater Horizon review – gripping real-life disaster

Published: 2 Oct 2016

Deepwater Horizon review – BP oil spill drama captures heroics and heartache

Published: 29 Sep 2016

BP’s plan to contain oil spill in Great Australian Bight labelled ‘flimsy’

Published: 25 Sep 2016

First look review Deepwater Horizon review – Mark Wahlberg v BP in angry disaster movie

Published: 14 Sep 2016

The risk is too high. Why locals don’t want BP in the Great Australian Bight

Published: 12 Sep 2016

Call to halt Great Australian Bight oil drilling amid faulty equipment fears

Published: 11 Sep 2016

Economics viewpoint

Everyone loses out when corporate governance falls by the wayside

Published: 11 Sep 2016

Snowden to Amanda Knox: true stories set to make headlines at Toronto film festival

Published: 8 Sep 2016

Business leader

An industrial strategy is hard to achieve. But at least laissez-faire is over

Published: 17 Jul 2016

BP faces further $2.5bn charge over Deepwater Horizon spill

Published: 14 Jul 2016

Video of Orlando shooter emerges in footage for BP oil spill documentary

Published: 16 Jun 2016

BP to pay $175m to investors over Deepwater Horizon spill

Published: 3 Jun 2016

US capitalism in crisis while most Americans lose out

Published: 22 May 2016

BP prepares deeper spending cuts as profits fall 80%

Published: 26 Apr 2016

New US oil drilling regulations aim to prevent another Deepwater disaster

Published: 14 Apr 2016

BP oil spill: judge grants final approval for $20bn settlement

Published: 4 Apr 2016

Liberate Tate’s six-year campaign to end BP’s art gallery sponsorship – in pictures

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