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Jul 31 2017

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What does one missed call cost you?


Are you switching?

Does your call center and answering service treat your clients like you would treat them?

In the call center and answering service industry, promises don’t always live up to expectations, and service can fall far below the needs of your customer-driven organization. We understand the issues that occur when an answering service fails to live up to the client’s expectations and we work with you to ensure a smooth transition from your current service to our family of valued clients.

We understand the importance of delivering the quality customer service that your customers deserve and anything less than the utmost of professionalism and courtesy could potentially create problems and result in unsatisfied customers. From poor quality and rude agents to faulty dispatching and consistent misspellings, we can help fix any disaster.

Our agents are trained with the highest level of customer service in mind to provide courteous and professional assistance to your customers. By continually monitoring and training our answering center representatives, we have removed the risk of outsourcing your valuable customer care to an independent answering service. The stringent training and procedures used by our agents ensures that your customers will be assisted properly and professionally every time.

Don’t tolerate the problems of your current answering service. We have more than 50 years of quality customer care experience that utilizes continuous system updates so that we operate with the latest answering service technology available. We are located near beautiful downtown Columbus, Ohio and service clients all over the USA.

Plus, we have established excellent working relationships with all of our technology suppliers and we are one of only a few answering services with a full-time technology support team to implement and manage new technology as it changes.

We provide complete transparency to our clients by providing access to billing, dispatching, call recordings, messaging, call history, emails, voice mails and any other methods of communication that are used in your business.

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