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Jul 13 2017

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Chicago Tax Law Attorneys


Jon saved me from the IRS! My friend died and named me executor of her estate. I had never done this before. The accountant I saw to file her taxes advised me that I could pay medical bills before I paid my friend’s taxes. That seemed off to me, but I foolishly listened to him and paid a few doctors (she left a TINY estate – about $2000 – and owed the Feds $3500 and doctors about $20,000). The accountant was wrong and the IRS came after ME – saying I had paid medical bills knowing taxes were due and now I was personally liable. Jon took the case for me and handled it very professionally. He was quite organized – knew exactly the documents he needed upfront, got to the IRS immediately, kept me informed of the progress and got me off the hook. My only regret is that I went to the accountant first rather than seeking Jon’s counsel. I HIGHLY recommend him. He’s intelligent, knowledgeable, organized, communicative – and kind. The whole situation was extremely distressful for me and reassured me and took positive action. I will recommend him whenever possible!

– Diane, Barrington, Illinois

My case involved a criminal conviction for taxes so it was more involved and time consuming. I have been notified and kept up on all aspects of the case. I am very pleased with the way it is being handled. Everything is thoroughly explained in a way that I can understand. I would highly recommend Jon in any legal matter that you may have.

– Tax Client, Bartlett, Illinois

I am known to dislike attorneys in general since they usually work towards using your retainer. But not this one. Mr. Decatorsmith has been my attorney for several years now on a very complex tax matter. He has been honest with my chances. He is very reasonable with costs. He has asked me to call his cell phone on Saturdays, since I usually get worried when I get IRS mail on Saturday. Mr. Decatorsmith is competent and is also a very good human being.

– Kris, Chicago, Illinois

We’re certainly much better off then I thought we would be when we first met with Jon. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have this beast tackled! We really appreciate the awesome work Jon and his crew have done.

– Megan, Chicago Illinois

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