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Aug 18 2017

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Best- Companies that Buy Structured Settlements

We want to let you in on a little known secret to people looking for companies that buy structured settlements- different purchasers of structured settlements will offer you very different lump sums. While getting the most cash for structured settlement payments is almost universally the goal for potential sellers, not everyone knows that shopping around can result in them getting the most cash for structured settlement payments. At New Leaf Structured Settlements we welcome you to call us with competing quotes from companies that buy structured settlements so you can see if we can get you the most money- we are confident that will be the case.

You need to also be aware that some companies that buy structured settlements provide both gross and net offers. The net offer for structured settlement payments is the actual amount you will receive at the time of funding after certain fees are taken out from the gross lump sum offer you received over the phone. To be sure you are not going to be charged fees at the time of funding you need to ask the company that buy structured settlements you received the quote from and carefully look through the disclosure statement they provide to you before you sign the contract agreeing to sell structured settlement payments. If you do not read the disclosure statement, you may be quite unhappy at the time of funding when you do not get the amount you anticipated.

This is not an issue when you work with New Leaf Structured Settlements. We are one of the companies that purchase structured settlement and does NOT pass along any administrative or processing fees to our customers selling structured settlement payments. You can be confident that the amount you are quoted on the phone will be the same amount you see on the disclosure statement we provide you and this amount will be the exact amount you receive from us at the time of funding. We think this is the best practice for companies that buy structured settlement payments.

Whether you are looking for quote for structured settlement payments or more information about the services offered by us as a company that buys structured settlements, take a moment and give us a call.

You will find a friendly, no pressure answer to your questions. We can be reached at 1-800-517-7671.

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