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Jan 15 2018

Educational Leadership Endorsement

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Endorsement Preparation Program

Educational Leadership

Degree Overview

Endorsement Prep Program, Educational Leadership

Our online endorsement in education leadership program is a great way for those with master s degrees to become a principal, vice principal, or associate principal. This program is designed for currently licensed teachers who desire to become licensed as a school principal. You will become a highly effective, instruction-based, certified principal.

Who the Program is For:

  • Experienced, licensed classroom teachers with master s degrees who are interested in becoming school principals, vice principals, or associate principals.
  • Individuals who can typically spend 15 or more hours per week on their studies.

This program will be flexible and adaptable to your schedule. Click here to learn how this program works .

IMPORTANT: This program is not available as an option in the following states: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota and South Dakota.

What You ll Learn

Essential Knowledge and Skills

We developed our online educational leadership program with significant input from experts and leaders who serve on our Education Program Council. You ll become an expert in all areas of study required to earn your Educational Leadership Endorsement. The program requires a total of 37 competency units (CUs), our equivalent to the traditional credit hour.

Key Subject Areas

These Courses Add to Your Credentials

Governance, Finance, Law, and Leadership

Comprehensive Educational Leadership Integration

You will also complete a comprehensive objective proctored assessment in Educational Leadership theory and practices, including administrative theory, school law, school finance, curriculum development and implementation, personnel management, public relations, and technology. You will be required to pass the Comprehensive Educational Leadership Integration objective assessment.

Educational Leadership Practicum

The degree program culminates with a six-month practicum program during which you simultaneously complete an action research project by proposing school-wide improvement initiatives aligned with Baldrige quality standards while completing school administrative and leadership tasks under the direction and leadership of a practicing K 12 school principal at your case study school site. You will be able to demonstrate to prospective employers your ability to propose, lead, and manage school improvement initiatives for excellence based on quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Candidates begin the practicum upon the successful completion of all prior assessments in the program.

Students, not Shareholders

WGU Is a Mission-Driven Nonprofit

You can afford to earn a degree from WGU because that s how we re designed! Your tuition and fees go back into our programs and learning resources, not shareholders pockets. So we re able to keep the cost of earning a WGU degree low about half what you d pay at other online universities.

Respected, Recognized, and Accredited

Same Accreditation as State Universities and Private Colleges

Western Governors University is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The Northwest Commission is also responsible for the accreditation of other major universities in the West, including the University of Washington, the University of Oregon, Gonzaga University, and the University of Utah, among many others. Learn more about accreditation here .

WGU was the first exclusively online university to receive accreditation for its degree programs that lead to teacher licensure from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). WGU has Teachers College graduates working in all 50 states. The university has received praise from industry, media, and government leaders including the Obama White House, which, in 2013, recognized WGU as an example of what works in postsecondary education.

The NCATE accrediting team extensively reviewed the entire WGU Teachers College curriculum to ensure that candidates have the knowledge and skills to be effective in helping all students learn. This involved intensive interviews with students, faculty, graduates, school district personnel, and education experts, as well as a review of WGU student performance on national performance exams.

An online teaching degree from WGU tells employers that you re serious about success.

How a Course Works

Prove What You Know and Move Forward

You set your own pace by demonstrating your skills. In the online degree programs at WGU, you ll advance through each course by first mastering the course content, then completing and passing challenging assessments that measure your knowledge and skills in each subject area.

These rigorous assessments (tests, papers, assignments, and projects) let you demonstrate your competence in each subject area in order to pass the course and earn competency units (CUs), our equivalent to the traditional credit hour.

WGU sets a high standard, and we want our students to succeed. You ll be given ample opportunity to master the subject matter and re-take assessments as needed in order to graduate.

Get Started

Enrollment is easy. View our Enrollment Checklist for the easy steps to getting started.

To be admitted into this Teachers College program, you need to submit an official transcript verifying receipt of a baccalaureate degree (B.A. or B.S.) from a regionally accredited institution. You are also required to possess a current, valid teaching license and have a minimum of three years of recent and successful classroom teaching experience or other successful leadership experience as a certificated educator.

You ll be on your way to a successful career. A world of opportunity awaits.

Question and Answer

Select a question from the left, see the answer to the right.

How does WGU keep its tuition so low?

As a nonprofit university, WGU doesn t need to benefit shareholders. Our students are our main concern. We also try to keep our operating costs low. And since we re an exclusively online university, we don t need to maintain expensive classroom buildings, a campus, and other non-academic programs.

Should I consider financial aid?

Using financial aid is a personal decision. When making this decision, you should know that a degree is a great investment in yourself that will pay for itself many times over. Individuals with a bachelor s degree earn on average almost a million dollars more over the course their careers compared to those without one. A master s degree typically has a similar impact on your wallet. You should definitely consider federal financial aid if it means the difference between getting your degree or not. Speak to an Enrollment Counselor to learn more.

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