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Jul 31 2017

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Asbestos Facts

Many People wait too Long to Consult with an Asbestos Lawyer

If you’ve worked around or with Asbestos, you probably already know the danger you’re in regarding your health. For this reason (even if you haven’t already started experiencing symptoms of sickness), it’s important that you do something about it.
Consulting with an Asbestos Lawyer

Asbestos cancer lawsuits are increasing. What is Asbestos? Asbestos are minerals that have been used for a variety of different purposes. It is a name given to the following group of minerals:

Because the fibers in asbestos minerals are strong, they were once used in many different products, and are still found in some products today. Since the fibers in asbestos are resistant to fire and heat, they have been used in building materials especially, such as tiles, roof shingles, and much more.

Since asbestos has been used in so many products, every individual may have been exposed to asbestos at some point in their lifetime. It is when someone is exposed to large amounts of asbestos that they may become ill with an asbestos related disease. Asbestos becomes harmful when an asbestos containing product breaks, cracks, or is otherwise disturbed. When this happens, asbestos fibers are released into the air, making it possible for infection to develop once these fibers are breathed in.

Anybody can be affected anywhere, such as their home or community, but asbestos cancer lawsuits are especially common with construction workers that have received significant asbestos exposure in the workplace.

Most of the time, individuals that are exposed to asbestos do not start experiencing symptoms or filing asbestos cancer lawsuits until many years later, even up to 20 years later. Common conditions that individuals are diagnosed with due to asbestos exposure include:

  • Mesothelioma
  • Pleural Thickening
  • Pleural Plaques
  • Asbestosis
  • Pleural Effusions

In addition, other studies have shown there is a possible association between asbestos exposure and colorectal and gastrointestinal cancers, although evidence is inconclusive. This also includes a possibility of an increased risk for cancers of the esophagus, gallbladder, throat, and kidney.

Asbestos cancer lawsuits are increasing especially with smokers, due to the fact that asbestos exposure combined with smoking is even more dangerous. Although it does not increase the risk of mesothelioma, smokers that were exposed to asbestos are at greater risk for developing other life threatening lung diseases.

There are many different risk factors that can increase one’s chance of developing an asbestos-related condition. Different factors to take into consideration include:

  • The source of exposure
  • The chemical structure of the asbestos fibers
  • Length of time individual was exposed to asbestos fibers
  • Amount of asbestos fibers individual was exposed to
  • Whether or not the individual was a smoker
  • If any pre-existing lung diseases existed

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