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Nov 30 2017

Fully Employed MBA

THE UCLA ADVANTAGE: In addition to the world-class facilities of one of the world’s leading research institutions, FEMBAs have access to thousands of graduate-level electives.

CAREER ADVANCEMENT: Besides enjoying the same on-campus recruiting as our full-time MBAs, FEMBA’s Career Center offers coaches, executives-in-residence and personalized training to help students identify and achieve their goals.

LIMITLESS CONNECTIONS: The UCLA Anderson network is comprised of 36,000+ alumni/students from 100+ countries from all four MBA programs, plus the Ph.D. and MFE. Engage your peers for career advice, partnerships, or a new opportunity

UCLA ANDERSON CLUBS: FEMBAs actively participate in Anderson s 40+ professional, identity and interest clubs, often in leadership roles.

COLLABORATIVE CLASSROOM EXPERIENCE: FEMBA s academic and social bonds last far beyond the program s duration. Nearly all classes (core elective) place an emphasis on teamwork, which nurtures a collaborative and community-oriented culture.

GLOBAL ACCESS: FEMBA students can participate in International Programs, allowing them to gain firsthand experience from week-long international studies and exchange programs with partner universities in 20+ countries. FEMBA students are also required to participate in GAP, during which they are paired with international, high-growth companies in a market-entry consulting project. GAP teams write investment-quality business plans and present to venture capitalists.

FULL SOCIAL IMMERSION: Because of career-related time constraints, FEMBA students often value on-campus offerings even higher than their full-time peers. Fortunately, FEMBA is highly social, featuring classes, clubs, happy hours, parties, trips, FEMBApalooza and more to help students cultivate and nurture constructive relationships throughout the program and beyond.

Fully Employed MBA

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