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Dec 31 2017

How to Start a Security Guard Company

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How to Start a Security Guard Company

Owning a security guard company requires a lot of paperwork.

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The need for security guard companies has increased as certain crimes have increased over the years. Security guards do not have the same legal authority as police officers, but they are responsible for the personal safety of their clients and clients’ property. The decline of police officers in some major cities has increased the need for security guards. Even some law enforcement officers perform private security work outside of their police careers. Starting a security guard company requires following specific state and federal laws. You must have experience in the field, take necessary training courses and be responsible for training your employees.

1. Acquire the proper training. Attend security training courses that enhance your skills and keep you current on what is happening in the industry. Training courses teach you how to properly carry a firearm, baton and other tools carried by security guards. Having a background in security or law enforcement will help in starting your business.

2. Obtain state licenses. Check with your state about the licenses required to start a security guard firm. Nearly every state requires security companies to have licenses before contracting out their services.

3. Prepare to undergo background checks. Gather the necessary documentation to submit for background checks. Individuals starting security guard companies must pass extensive background checks on a state and federal level.

4. Choose a location for your corporate office. Select a location to serve as your headquarters. This is where individuals can come to apply for positions within your company and where administrative duties are performed.

5. Obtain gun permits. Apply for gun permits in your state if you will have armed security guards within your company. Each state has its own specific requirements for security personnel to carry guns. Each of your armed employees has to obtain a permit to carry a gun.

6. Hire and train employees. Perform background checks on each person you plan to hire. It is important to hire people who do not have a criminal background. Some of your employees may carry guns, and it’s important that your clients feel safe.

7. Buy liability insurance coverage. Obtain insurance to cover your security company in case anything happens to a client or her property because of your staff’s actions. Buy bonding insurance to protect your company and your clients’ interest in the event their property is stolen by one of your security guards.

8. Bid on contracts. Search for companies in need of security guard personnel. Most businesses require security companies to bid on contracts. Bidding is competitive because other security companies are vying for the same job.


  • Cold-calling companies and searching for new businesses are two ways to market your security guard company.


  • Don’t skip over steps when hiring employees: Perform extensive background checks and train them properly. Your company is liable for the actions of your employees.

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