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Jul 14 2017

New York – s 145 Best Nursing Schools – Colleges and Accredited Online Programs #nursing



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    New York s 145 Best Nursing Schools Colleges and Accredited Online Programs

    Top New York Nursing Schools, Colleges Degree Programs

    New York, like most other states, is experiencing a nursing shortage. In 2003, there were 2,000 vacancies across 59 hospitals. By 2005, there was a shortage of 17,000 and it was estimated that this number would double by 2015, something that still seems realistic.

    However, the shortage could not have been timed worse. Demand for good quality nurses in on the rise, while the baby boom generation is retiring and has developed complex health needs. This is why, unless it is addressed, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the shortage will last for decades.

    Because there is such a significant shortage, the quality of healthcare in New York has also been reduced. Surgery is delayed regularly and the risk of dying is on the rise. A lot of this is believed to have been caused by the high workload on nurses, who are not able to receive sufficient rest, leading to stress and human error. Unfortunately, this can be fatal in a health care setting.

    The highest vacancy rates are in nursing homes, with a 10% rate at present. Here, the shortage is for both nurses and nursing assistants and the effect of this on patient care has been dramatic.

    At the same time, New York has seen many nurses leaving the profession altogether. In 2003, 19% of all qualified nurses were not employed in the field, by their own choosing. Additionally, some 8,000 nurses had quit because they have had to choose their own health over their career. This extreme lack of job satisfaction must be addressed as soon as possible.

    The problems do not stop here for New York, however. The average age of all nurses in the state is 49, which means that many are due to retire over the next few years. A particularly high level of retirement is found in Nurse Educators. the very people who are there to train the next generation of nurses. As a result, some 4,629 potential graduates had to be turned away from one of the 49 schools with American Association of Colleges of Nursing accreditation.

    One thing that does make New York a very interesting place for nurses to work in is the salary, which currently stands at an average of $77,000, almost 17% higher than the national average. The highest salaries are earned by those with the highest degrees. This is why there is a big drive to encourage students to obtain their bachelor s or even a master s degree .

    List of New York Nursing Schools Colleges

    Capella University Online Nursing Programs

    Capella University offers CCNE-accredited online nursing programs designed to meet the needs of RNs at every career stage:

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